DanTools Story

Dan Ingemann Jensen, the owner of Dantools A/S, has been a business owner since 1985. He was one of the co-founders of the toolmaker company Dana Ballerina.

During the years the company expanded and started injection molding and production of microphones.

In 2001 they builded a new factory in Industrivangen in Asnæs and the company got a new name: Muphone A/S

In 2005 Muphone merged with the selling company DPA Microphones. Subsequently, the name was DPA Microphones.

October the 1st in 2012 Dan Ingeman Jensen sells his shares in DPA Microphones. Afterwards he buys the tool maker dept., the injection molding dept. and plastic mounting dept. from DPA Microphones and starts the company DanTools A/S.

See presentation video of DanTools A/S on Youtube